Obsidian went across the Japan Sea

@ The area where Oki obsidian from Oki and other places were found.
A The area where Oki obsidian were found.

There are only about fifty places all over Japan where obsidian has been found.  
Among these places there are not many places where stone implements cut from obsidian
were found. They are Shirataki in Hokkaido, Wadatoge(Nagano prefecture),Kozu Island
(Izu Archipelago), Hime Island in Kyushu(Oita Prefecuture),Mt. Koshidake(Saga Prefecuture)
and Oki Islands (Shimane Prefecture).  Almost of the obsidian artifacts found in Shimane
Prefecture are from Oki Islands except some stone implements found in the middle and west
of Iwami (Shimane Prefecture). 

They were originated from Hime Island and Mt.Koshidake in the Kyusyu district.

The most interesting fact is that Oki obsidian artifacts were found in the more than 10,000
year-old remains of Vladiovostock and Navatoka on the coast of Russia and also in the Korean
Peninsula. This is beyond our imagination of our time and space.
Ancient people must have moved around across mountains and the sea with these stone
artifacts as some means of communication. These obsidian artifacts cannot but arouse our
interests in the distant past of ancient life and their emotional feelings toward this black
stone named Obsidian.

         (Data : Shimane Ancient Culture Center) (Translation : Noboru Saito)

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